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Horse Grazing Strategies

As a horse owner & County Extension Agent, I hope that you will find value in my mixture of “by the book recommendations” and personal experience. One thing I would like to encourage horse owners and trainers to do is engage with their local Extension Agent. Pasture management, it seems,…
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Understanding forage reports for horses

With over 80,000 head of horses in the state of Georgia, horse owners are looking for efficient and nutritional forage options.  Horses are naturally meant to consume a forage-based diet and on average, should consume at least one percent of its body weight in forages.  In most instances, pasture and…
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Look Out for Moldy Hay

By Lucy Ray  Morgan County CEC Mold in livestock hay can be a significant problem, particularly in years where we have had a lot of moisture and humidity during harvest. The summer of 2016 was not overrun with moisture, however, when we have a shortage of hay, many producers are…
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