A local field of late May planted cotton I was in the other day was approaching threshold for silverleaf whiteflies (50% of sampled leaves, 5th below terminal, have 5 or more immatures). Now’s the time to start thinking about treatments in these almost/at threshold fields. Below flyer lists chemistries with their safety to beneficials, control interval, and life stage(s) affected on silverleaf whiteflies.

Also, here’s the latest (8-15-2022) Pest Patrol Update from Dr. Phillip Roberts discussing the current situation with stinkbugs, corn earworm, and whiteflies (5:01 minute audio recording): https://www.syngenta-us.com/pest-patrol/georgia

Other UGA Whitefly Publications (click on links to access):

What is threshold and how to sample: Sampling and Managing Whiteflies in Georgia Cotton

How local vegetable production affects whitefly populations in other commodities, and visa versa: Cross-Commodity Management of Silverleaf Whitefly in Georgia

Thanks and let me know if there’s a field I can put boot tracks in.

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