More Pics/Texts to/from Dr. Bob Kemerait’s phone:

Bacterial Boll Rot on Cotton, Bleckley Co, Ga , 2022 – Cole Moon

Note the large, circular sunken lesion at the top of the boll; note the new, dark green water-soaked lesion starting at the bottom of the boll. The bacteria that cause this disease are EASILY spread by rain and irrigation splash.

Root-knot Nematode Damage on Peanuts, Berrien Co, Ga, 2022 – Ben Reeves

Excellent example of some damage from root knot nematodes on peanut pods; note the “warts”. Also note that MOST of the root is covered with beneficial Rhizobium nodules, NOT root knot galling. But there are a few galls.

Phomopsis Pod and Stem Blight on Soybean, Colquitt Co, Ga 2022 – Jeremy Kichler

Note the lines of black, erumpent (I use that word every chance I get) pycnidia (asexual fruiting structures) running along the dead stem. CLASSIC symptomology, disease is typically of minor importance.

Late Leaf Spot on Peanut, Grady Co, Ga 2022 – Cale Yarborough

Late leaf spot (note chocolate sporulation on UNDERSIDE of leaf). Weather and growth stage are perfect for this disease to spread.

Leaf Scorch on Peanut, Ben Hill Co, Ga 2022 – Holly Anderson

This is most likely leaf scorch caused by fungal pathogen Leptosphaerulina crassiasca. (Early in the season a similar symptom is associated with use of Thimet).  Leaf scorch is almost always cosmetic.