Harvesting after inverted peanuts have dried

As I drive around the county the waft of peanuts passes my nose even with the windows up and A/C on, caused by the unusually hot start to fall. That means two common sense facts: peanuts are being dug and….its hot.

Other than that, I brought up the points that dryland could be picked early and that split crops have been more prevalent in the post “Peanut Blasting, Digging & Harvest One Month In”.

A day after (yesterday) that post went live, Clint Thompson posted the article below with quotes from our peanut agronomist, Scott Monfort, echoing similar points in greater detail. Clint wrote that Dr. Monfort believes 15-20% of GA’s peanut crop has already been harvested. Its also points out that even though dryland has been showing “split crops” the silver lining to our weather is that drying times have been reduced in irrigated fields. For more info follow the link below:



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