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As you have heard many times before, Culpepper and I have been encouraging growers to consider the use of post-harvest (field corn) tactics (tillage, mowing, herbicides) to help manage the soil seedbank for weeds such as Palmer amaranth and tropical spiderwort. The pictures below are from one of my corn fields that I recently treated with a combo of Gramoxone (paraquat) + Tricor (metribuzin) + NIS. The green, untreated strips are there by design (checks). This is one of my preferred post-harvest herbicide treatments especially for Palmer amaranth. In many fields though, it might be too late if weeds have already produced seeds and/or if younger plants are likely to get terminated (before producing seed) with the first frost (about a month away in many locations).

FYI, current Tricor label would allow field corn or soybean planting next spring but cotton and peanut rotations are 18 months. We are trying to get the label changed to allow for a shorter rotation interval for these important Georgia row crops.

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