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Chlorothalonil is an important fungicide for management of leaf spot diseases of peanut, a shortage could have a significant effect on our growers.  Below are some recommendations for dealing with challenges that could occur.

  • The first two applications of chlorothalonil (30 and 40 DAP, days after planting) can be removed IF Proline, 5.7 lf oz/A is banded at approximately 35 DAP and a Provost program is initiated at 60 DAP.  The first two chlorothalonil applications can also be omitted if Priaxor is used on the crop approximately 45 DAP.
  • Chlorothalonil can be extended by tank mixing a reduced rate (e.g. 1.0 pt/A rather than 1.5 pt/A) with 2 fl oz/A Tilt/Bumper, 5 fl oz/A Topsin-M, or Alto, 5 fl oz/A.
  • Tilt-Bravo or Echo-Propimax can be substituted for chlorothalonil.
  • An application of Elast (15 fl oz/A) can be used to replace and application of chlorothalonil.
  • For a SINGLE application during a season, Topsin-M, 10 fl oz/A, can replace an application chlorothalonil.
  • Absolute (trifloxystrobin + tebucoanzole) and Stratego (trifloxystrobin + propiconazole) can be substituted for chlorothalonil.
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