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Below is an update on stored grain protectants from Extension Entomologist Dr. Mike Toews

Based on my call volume this week, it is evident that we have a problem with grain protectant availability for the 2013 corn crop.  I’ve visited with representatives from each company about these issues and will try to explain below.  Regardless of the product used, please be mindful that grain protectants are not a silver bullet.  Applications should only be made to cooled grain (do not apply straight out of the dryer) that will be stored for more than 3 months.  Long term grain storage also requires grain with a low moisture content, proper housekeeping, use of a spreader when filling bins, and managed aeration.


Actellic 5E (labeled for corn).  The current formulation is made by Agriliance, but distributed through Winfield Solutions, LLC and they have some current problems with distribution.  A limited amount of product was available earlier this month, but most retail outlets are currently out of product and cannot get more.  

Centynal (labeled for corn and wheat).  Centynal was released last year with little fanfare by Degesch America.  No one in the southeast has efficacy data at this point, but there is some data out of Texas that shows it performed well on stored sorghum.  In the absence of Actellic, this appears to be our only option.  We will have Georgia efficacy data next year.

Diacon (labeled for corn and wheat).  Diacon is an insect growth regulator that is available in both liquid and dust formulations.  Since it does not kill adult insects, it is not a standalone product but works very well when tankmixed.  Diacon is effective at killing immatures that come into contact with treated grain.  Unfortunately, this product will not work for any type of weevils since their immature stages are hidden inside individual kernels.  Diacon is effective against lesser grain borers.

Storcide II (labeled for wheat). Storcide II is currently the best option for stored wheat.  To the best of my knowledge, availability has not been problematic and performance has been acceptable.  This product is not labeled for use on corn.

Malathion (labeled for wheat and corn). This product has been widely used in the past, but is not currently recommended due to well documented resistance in many stored grain insect populations.

Sensat (labeled for corn and wheat).  Sensat is a new product marketed by Bayer that has undergone extensive testing and shows excellent activity against all types of stored product insects.  Unfortunately, there is no product being sold this year due to a lack of grain tolerances in key foreign countries.

Execute (labeled for corn and wheat).  Execute is the generic formulation of Sensat being marketed by Winfield Solutions.  The label carries the following warning: “this product should be used only on crops and commodities intended for consumption in the United States.”  Obviously, a grower should not use this product unless they have a contract to deliver directly to a US end user.  I cannot find a dealer who has or can get this product.

Tempo SC (labeled for empty bin use only).  Tempo is an excellent material for treating empty bins and elevator boots, but is not labeled for application directly to grain.

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