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“Pictures show hurricane’s unprecedented damage to North Carolina crops”

The Southeast Farm Press had an excellent slide show on damage to North Carolina farm fields caused by the flooding from Hurricane Matthew here.  Many fields were completely submerged, ruining soybeans and cotton as well as other crops.  These pictures were taken by Hyde County Extension Agent Andrea Gibbs. She credits…
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State by state assessment of agricultural damages from Hurricane Matthew

This morning Growing Georgia posted a lengthy story from Growing America on updated state by state assessments of damages to agriculture caused by Hurricane Matthew.  You can read the article here.  In many states, damage was bad but less than expected, while in North and South Carolina the damages from heavy…
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“Hurricane Matthew damages North Carolina sweet potatoes, spares Florida and Georgia”

The Packer noted this week that Hurricane Matthew damaged crops in some parts of the Southeast while leaving others relatively untouched.  Florida crops were not significantly affected by the storm winds, which were lower than expected due to the center of the storm remaining offshore.  Georgia crops also escaped the…
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