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“Blowing in the wind”

Some new research at the University of Georgia indicates that sands from the Sahara, blown across the Atlantic, can do more than suppress hurricane formation.  Researchers there have found that a genus of marine bacteria called Vibrio feed off the Saharan dust, leading to large blooms of the potentially harmful pathogen…
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Farmers continue to assess damage from Hurricane Matthew

Several articles out this week described continuing efforts by farmers in southeast Georgia and eastern North Carolina to determine the damage caused by the wind and flooding rain from Hurricane Matthew a few weeks ago. In North Carolina, Modern Farmer reported here that while livestock farmers are starting to compost dead…
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Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy

Four years ago today, post-hurricane Sandy made landfall on the New Jersey coast.  Sandy started out as a classical late-season hurricane starting in the southwestern Caribbean Sea and crossed the eastern end of Cuba before taking a path east of the Bahamas which paralleled the East Coast of the US…
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