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Could Rain Associated With Harvey Significantly Impact Livestock or Agriculture?

I’m pleased to present a guest blog post from former NWS hydrologist John Feldt of Blue Water Outlook, discussing the impact of Hurricane Harvey on agriculture across the US. Tomorrow I will look at news reports on impacts of Harvey’s rainfall on agriculture across Texas. Past Rainfall Totals To date,…
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Climate Learning Network webinar on cattle comfort September 7

CLN/ANREP-CSI Webinar: Register Now  ! The Cattle Comfort Advisor: a Tool for Managing Heat & Cold Stress  Albert Sutherland Oklahoma Mesonet Agriculture Program Coordinator  Oklahoma State University Assistant Extension Specialist  Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 3:00pm EDT   Join us to learn how to use the Cattle Comfort Advisor, a powerful now…
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Clothing made from milk?

Here’s an odd and interesting story about how scientists in Mussolini’s Italy used the protein casein in milk to make an artificial wool-like fiber that could be turned into clothing. This new milk fiber was dubbed lanital (a compounding of lana, meaning wool, and ital, from Italia). You can read…
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