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Methane production surges since 2007

According to Drovers newsletter, Global methane emissions from agriculture and other sources have surged in recent years, threatening efforts to slow climate change, an international study has found.  According to the study, methane production surged in 2007 and grew rapidly in 2014 and 2015.  The causes of the surge are not…
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Workshop: Managing Cattle in Drought Conditions

On Monday November 28 I am going to be participating in a drought workshop in Carroll County on how to manage cattle in drought conditions.  If you are near there, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity.  I will be discussing the current drought conditions and the outlook…
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“Wild hay making – a fascinating Swiss tradition”

While it’s tough to make hay this year in drought-stricken parts of the Southeast, it is still interesting to read about how they make hay in other parts of the world.  Here is a fascinating story about wild hay making in the Swiss high valleys  from House of Switzerland:
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