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Severe drought expands in Southeast

The latest Drought Monitor was released today and shows that the area of severe (D2) drought in the Southeast increased from 0.25 percent of the area to 1.67 percent.  The main increase was in southeast Georgia and northeast Florida, which have largely been missed by recent rains and have suffered…
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What’s the difference in impacts between a strong and a weak El Nino?

NOAA is now predicting a 90 percent chance of a strong El Nino lasting into the fall and most likely through the winter.  What does that mean for impacts across the country?  Cliff Mass has an excellent blog posting on this subject at Even though his blog is directed towards…
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Drought changes in Southeast over past two months

The National Drought Monitor collects and disseminates drought information for the United States each Thursday morning after seeking input from climatologists and other stakeholders around the country.  One of the products they provide is a map of changes in drought status for the US.  The map below shows the change…
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