Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Georgia Climate Project: What opportunities are there for creating curricula on climate impacts on Georgia?

This week’s question from the Georgia Climate Project Roadmap deals with how we communicate the science and potential impacts of climate change on Georgia to K-12 and college educators. It also discusses the best ways to provide appropriate information to them for use in their class curricula. Teaching children and…
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Georgia Climate Project: How can we improve resilience of potable water infrastructure?

The flooding from Hurricane Florence caused a lot of different impacts around North and South Carolina, including impacts on agriculture, highways, businesses and residences, but one impact that I have not read much about is the impact on potable water supplies. Since many water treatment plants are built near rivers,…
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Georgia Climate Project: How can we improve farmers’ resilience to extreme events like flooding?

The water from Hurricane Florence’s rainfall is still rising in streams, causing major problems for coastal communities and agricultural producers in southeastern North Carolina and in parts of South Carolina. By some estimates, over 3 million animals have died, mainly hogs, turkeys and chickens in production farms. Estimated losses from…
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