I’ve been collecting stories that might be of interest to you. They cover a variety of topics on agriculture and climate. Since I am only posting four days a week, they tend to pile up! Hope you find something useful to you or at least interesting. The picture on the bottom is not mine but I saw some floccus clouds like these earlier this week. Underneath the clouds is snow virga, which means snow showers not reaching the ground.

Specialty Crop Grower: Hurricane Michael: Five Years Later

Inside Climate News: Survival of Wild Rice Threatened by Climate Change, Increased Rainfall in Northern Minnesota

Specialty Crop Grower: Chilling Effect: Rapid Temperature Drop’s Impact on Peach Trees

The Week: Why New York City was caught off guard by flash flooding

Growing Produce: Ag Tech Helping Crop Yields Grow in the Face of Climate Change

Jellyfish clouds Nov. 8, 2016 north of Ithaca, New York. Credit: Justin D Kintzele/Twitter