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Weather and climate stories in the recent news

I have way too many tabs open on my Windows computer. Here are some of the collected stories of interest that I have seen over the past few weeks. This batch is mostly stories on national or international climate and agriculture. I will publish a second list tomorrow for more local stories from the Southeast.

Progressive Forage: Irrigation recommendations to maximize production

Drovers Newsletter: Drought Worsens: Western Rancher Relocates 80% of Cattle Herd as 200 of His Reservoirs Run Dry

Dairy Herd Management: Dry Cows Most Important Group to Keep Cool

Mother Jones: Could America be Headed for Another Dust Bowl?

Eater: Extreme Weather is Wreaking Havoc on Olive Oil Production

Climavore: Turkish Food Faces a Changing Climate

Inside Climate News: As Extreme Weather Batters America’s Farm Country, Costing Billions, Banks Ignore the Financial Risks of Climate Change

Source: USDA ARS