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Video: A Buggy Problem In Our Warming Cities

Here is a 5-minute video that describes how warming temperatures in cities is increasing the number of insect pests there and affecting the health of tree canopies. Here is the description of the video: Cities often experience higher temperatures than rural areas in a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect. The temperature difference is primarily driven by heat from buildings and heat absorbed and reemitted from impervious surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, bricks, etc. Of course, urban trees and green spaces can help mitigate the effect. However, as heat island effects intensify with urbanization and changes in our climate, scientists observe increases in the abundance of tree pests that can cause widespread damage. At North Carolina State University, Dr. Steve Frank is an entomology professor researching the link between the urban heat island effect, urban tree health, and native scale insects. In this video, you’ll hear from Dr. Frank about what he’s finding and how he’s helping make America’s cities more resilient.