The tropics are definitely heating up, with Hurricane Hanna now dissipating in Mexico after making landfall along the South Texas coast yesterday and TS Gonzalo falling apart in the Antilles. There are several tropical waves proceeding west out of Africa, and the next one is expected to become a tropical depression or storm in the next two days. It will be called Isaias once it forms. The current models bring it close to the East Coast by around August 3-4, but of course there is a lot of uncertainty more than a week away. What we do know is that this year it will be especially important to prepare in advance for any evacuation or sheltering in place that you might need to do with the pandemic spreading like fire. Morning Ag Clips has some good pointers for what extra precautions you need to take this year as you get ready for hurricane season here. And of course your local Extension agents are doing extra training to help folks prepare for what is expected to be a very active tropical season in the age of COVID-19, so be sure to use them for a resource too.