Yesterday I talked about a basic class on weather and climate that is available for adults who are interested in the topic. Today I want to mention a few resources for 4-H that might be useful for kids in grades 3-6. I don’t know anything about pricing (some are free resources) but if you are interested you can follow the links to get more information.

AgroClimate: Weather and Climate Variability 4-H Toolkit at This was developed for Florida so is probably the most applicable specifically to the Southeast, and it is free!

Shop 4-H Weather and Climate Youth Learning Lab: Https:// They also have a 4-book series on weather and climate ($) at

You can also read more about the Learning Lab at Montana State University at

University of Maine Extension Climate Project 4-H Toolkit:

If you know of others that you think I should add, please write and let me know! If you need local weather or climate data for any of the projects in these books, I can help you find it, just email me at,

Source: William M. Connolley at the English language Wikipedia via Commons Wikimedia