In a surprise to many meteorologists, Tropical Storm Bertha formed just off the coast of South Carolina as it was coming onshore. Overnight last night the National Hurricane Center said that it had only a 30 percent chance of development, but by 7:30 Wednesday morning it was bumped up to 70 percent, and by 8:30 AM it was declared a Tropical Storm by the NHC. Bertha is moving NW and should be over land soon. It is expected to turn into a tropical depression over land and by the time you read this on Thursday morning (if you get the daily email digest) it will probably be a remnant low. The biggest threats from Bertha are some winds of up to 45 mph near the center of circulation and heavy rain of 2-4 inches, with isolated areas of up to 8 inches, especially east of the center of circulation. That could cause dangerous flash flooding in some areas. The mountains of western Virginia could also see enhanced rain from orographic uplift.