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Active tropics continue

At present there are two named storms in the Atlantic basin. Humberto has become a major hurricane today but is moving away from the Southeast towards the east and is no longer a threat to us, although there is a chance it could hit Bermuda. Tropical Depression Imelda was briefly a tropical storm before going onshore in Texas, dropping copious rain and causing flooding there. Not what Houston needs only two years after Harvey.

A new disturbance, Tropical Depression Ten, is in the central Atlantic and could be approaching Puerto Rico as Hurricane Jerry by Friday. However, the good news for us is that the models are all predicting that it will recurve back to the northeast before it comes close to us in the Southeast, so at this time I don’t anticipate anything more than some high waves along our coast. Still, always a good idea to keep watching just in case, since this is an active time of year and more storms could easily develop.