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Hurricane Fatigue a Concern as 2019 storm season approaches

For the parts of the Southeast that have been affected by hurricanes in the past few years, many residents know what to expect and how to plan. But psychologically, they may not be ready to face another hurricane season after the blows of the last two years. Farmers especially are reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Michael and have barely begun to recover from the storm, not helped by the lack of federal dollars so far. Other storms with big impacts include Harvey, Irma, Matthew, Maria, and Florence. The Ocala Star Banner posted a story this week about how residents who came through those previous seasons are tired of the preparations and the potential impacts from this year’s storms. You can read it here.

Preliminary summary of the tracks of all tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Basin during the 2018 hurricane season. Image via TheHurricaneEditorMaker/Wikimedia.