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Severe weather returns to the Southeast this weekend

It’s spring, and so it is no surprise that we are expecting severe weather this week ahead of a strong cold front. The analysis from NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center indicates that it could be fairly widespread across Alabama and Georgia in a swatch that will move from west to east from Saturday through Sunday. If you are in the area of concern, make sure that you have at least one (and preferably multiple) ways to get information on tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings. There are several cell phone apps that are specifically designed to give you real-time warnings based on your locations, but they depend on your having downloaded them and having your phone turned on so you can hear or feel it vibrate to get the warnings.

Make sure you and your family know where the safest place is in your house (and church if you attend). If you have helmets (football, bicycle, pith, etc.) it is a good idea to wear them during severe weather to minimize the likelihood of head trauma. In our family of Packer fans, we have foam cheeseheads, which are not as good but at least it is something. If you have pets, bring them into the shelter with you.