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More stories on the Midwestern flooding

While it’s a clear and sunny day here in the Southeast, farmers in the Midwest are still struggling with the impacts of the catastrophic flooding that hit in March. Some of them may never return to farming after seeing their herds, barns and houses washed away and their fields buried under feet of river silt and icebergs. Here are a few of the recent stories I have seen discussing impacts of those floods.

AgWeb: Recent Missouri River Flooding Revives Concerns Over Flood Frequency

Yale Climate Connections: Did climate change cause the flooding in the Midwest and Plains?

Buffalo News: Flooding disaster continues to unfold in the Midwest

Reuters: US disaster aid won’t cover crops drowned by Midwest floods

NTV: Nebraska water officials struggle to find money for repair

New York Times: ‘Breaches Everywhere’: Flooding Everywhere, and Tough Questions Follow


Flooding in the Great Plains. Nebraska State Patrol Twitter page