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“Switzerland is Quickly Losing Its Snow”

Did you know that snow is falling in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada? Pikes Peak in Colorado has also had snow this season, and more is on the way. Winter is coming!

As a change of pace from all the Florence stories, here is a news story from Conde Nast Traveler about the long-term decreases in snowfall and snow cover in the Swiss Alps. A study was done using 34 years of satellite information that showed a decrease in both seasonal snowfall and a reduction in the long-term glacial snow and ice. While 34 years is not a very long record, it does show a very clear trend towards lower snow amounts that is presumed to be related to a warming climate. Geologists can also look at changes in glaciers based on moraines and other glacial landforms to see longer-term changes in snow and ice in the area. You can read more here.

Cloud-free Alps. Source: NASA via Commons Wikimedia