Hourly weather forecasts are something that you might find useful in planning your work week or watching for the possibility of frost (or extreme heat in the summer). You can use your local television forecast or a smartphone app to get forecasts, but they don’t always show the forecast right at your location. Here is a way to get hourly forecast information for any location in the US.

This information is available from the National Weather Service at https://www.weather.gov. You can either enter your zip code into the search box or click on the national map. If you enter the zip code and pick your location and hit enter, it will give you a local forecast on the left side of the page. Click on the “Get Detailed Info” and it will bring you to a local forecast page. There is a map on the page that you can click to pick the exact location if you like. At the bottom of the local forecast page there are links to the Tabular Hourly Data  or the Hourly Weather Forecast, which is the same information in graph form. You can click through the forecast for up to six days ahead using the link on the top right.

Let me know if you have any trouble and I am happy to help you work through the process to get your local forecast.