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NWS: Frost and freeze warnings end for this year for north and central GA

The NWS Office in Peachtree City GA has announced the end of their frost and freeze warnings for this year.  Here is their statement:

“The Frost/Freeze Program has ended for north and central Georgia. The program at NWS Peachtree City is in effect until an area has observed a hard freeze (28 degrees) or November 20, whichever occurs first. Thus, Frost and Freeze Advisories and Warnings will no longer be issued for the fall season.

The spring Frost/Freeze Program will begin on March 15 for all but the following eight northeast Georgia counties: Fannin, Union, Towns, White, Lumpkin, Dawson, Pickens and Gilmer. For these counties, the spring Frost/Freeze Program will begin on April 15.

The Frost/Freeze Program is primarily intended for agricultural interests, and these dates have been coordinated with our agricultural partners, including the University of Georgia Department of Crop and Soil Sciences and the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.”

Note that if you live in areas where a different NWS office provides forecasts, they may use a different period for issuing warnings. Generally once the temperature drops to a killing frost of 28 F, the warnings end for the year anyway, but some of the more southern counties in the Peachtree City warning area have not yet reached that level. Producers with frost-sensitive crops in those areas should be especially vigilant for predicted low temperatures, although we may not get another freezing night for a week or two.

UPDATE: They sent me this additional info by email–very helpful:

As a reminder, our neighboring NWS offices handle their Frost/Freeze Programs slightly differently.
– Greenville/Spartanburg, SC has already cancelled the program for their Georgia counties
– Colombia, SC continues their program until at least half of each county reaches 32 degrees or less. However, if a freeze is not reached by Nov 25 (two weeks after their median first fall freeze date), they will terminate the Frost/Freeze program.
– Charleston, SC ends their program November 30.
– Jacksonville, SC does not end their Frost/Freeze program. It continues through Spring.
– Tallahassee, FL discontinues their program at the first widespread frost, but they do not suspend the issuance of Hard Freeze Watches and Warnings. Those are issued through the winter season.
– Birmingham, AL ends their program on Thanksgiving.
– Huntsville, AL has ended their program for the GA-bordering counties.

Source: Commons Wikimedia