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NOAA tools for viewing sea level rise

Here are a couple of different tools I’ve run across this week which look at the effects of rising sea levels on coastal areas of the US.

The Tides and Currents site at shows how local sea level rise differs from global sea level rise.  The total sea level rise is a combination of rising oceans due to expansion of ocean water due to warmer temperatures coupled with local rises and falls of the land due to subsidence, lack of replacement of sediment, or rebound from the last Ice Age.  For example, the trend for Savannah GA shows a 1-2 foot rise expected over the next 100 years.

If you then go to the Sea Level Rise viewer (beta version here), you can show that at 2 feet of sea level rise, Tybee Island will be virtually cut off from the coast by the higher water.  If you want to read more about it, you can read this (strongly leaning) article and see some simulation videos of coastal inundation at