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Earliest recorded tropical storm in Eastern Pacific Ocean

Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground noted earlier this week that “the Eastern Pacific hurricane season, which officially begins on May 15, could get off to a record early start this year. The earliest a tropical depression has been recorded in the Eastern Pacific since reliable satellite records began in 1970 was on May 12, 1990, when Tropical Storm Alma got its start. Three other systems got their start on May 13, according to NOAA’s Historical Hurricane Tracks website. However, the basin’s first “Invest” of 2017, Invest 90E, has a chance to beat the record.” You can read his column here.  And sure enough, today, the first named storm of the year, TS Adrian, officially formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean.  It is expected to make a sharp right turn in its path and could come ashore in southern Mexico later in the week.