I got a recent question about how to access hourly weather data from NWS airport stations online.  There are several sources for this information; I am going to give you one option.  Another source is the Midwestern Regional Climate Center at https://mrcc.isws.illinois.edu/CLIMATE/.

Start with the current Local Climatological Data at the National Centers for Environmental Information at https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/qclcd/QCLCD?prior=N.

Pick your state and then look on the menu for the station in your state that is the closest to your site and choose that one.

Pick the month you want and then choose either E for entire month or the date you want.  Pick Hourly from the menu box below the dates (you probably want the HTML version unless you want to import it into Excel, in which case you would use the ASCII comma separated version).  A new window should pop up with a table of information.

I think most of the fields are pretty self-explanatory.  Keep in mind that all times are in Local Standard Time so you might have to adjust by an hour for Local Daylight Time.  Wind directions are in 360 degrees starting with 0 at the north, 90 from the east, 180 from the south, and 270 from the west.

Occasionally you might get a request for certified copies.  They are available from NCEI at a cost, but many courts in Georgia do not require certified copies and often insurance companies will accept copies gathered off the web like these.  If you have other questions, please contact me and I am happy to walk you through this.

Source: Free Images
Source: Free Images