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NOAA: June marks 14 consecutive months of record heat for the globe

NOAA released their latest global climate summary for June 2016 today.  It shows that the earth was record-setting warm again, for the 14th month in a row.  The sea surface temperatures were also record warm.  The January-June totals also show a new record for 2016, far surpassing last year’s record warmth.  This makes it virtually certain that 2016 will set a new record high temperature for the year, even though El Niño has dissipated and La Niña should help cool off the ocean later this year.

You can read the monthly summary statistics at  Mashable also has an article with additional information on the sea surface temperatures and the year-to-date statistics at

In the image below you can see that most of the US is well above normal in temperature.  The coolest region is Texas, where heavy rains and flooding earlier in the year have helped keep temperatures down as expected.  One of the regions that has experienced excessively high heat is Siberia.  You can see pictures of the massive wildfires there at

Source: Weatherbell Analytics

Source: Weatherbell Analytics