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November 2015 should end up much warmer and wetter than normal

Although it is only 1/3 of the way through the month, so far our region has seen rainfall that is much above normal in many areas, including Georgia.  The temperatures across the Southeast have also been above normal everywhere this month, even in the areas that were cloudy and cool from the persistent rain the first week.

The average temperature for Georgia for November so far is about 66 F, which is above the top of the temperature graph shown below, but cooler temperatures in the rest of November should bring the total monthly average temperature down closer to the range of values shown here for the whole month.  It is still going to be much warmer than normal unless we get a huge cold outbreak, which is not currently forecast by the long-range models.

Precipitation at some places this month is already in the top ten wettest years for many locations.  Even though it is drier now (and thank heavens for that), rain is expected to return later in the month.  I expect that for the Southeast we may see a top 4-5 November rainfall total once all is said and done.

nov 15 to date temp dep se   ga nov temp trends

nov 15 to date precip dep se  ga nov precip trends