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After five dry days, rain expected to return

The latest 5-day QPF map shows that the next five days should be quite dry across most of the Southeast, bringing cheer to water-logged farmers in many parts of the region except southeast Georgia and Florida, where rainfall has been scarce.

Early next week, after that respite, the rain is expected to make a comeback and the prognosis maps for the next few weeks indicate that we should see a return to wetter than normal conditions after the 5-day dry spell. That does not mean it will rain constantly, but that storms are expected to move through the area every 2-3 days, bringing times of rain to the region as they pass.  This is likely to be the scenario for a lot of this coming winter as the strong El Niño continues to dominate the Southeast climate.  Warmer than normal conditions are also expected to continue.

5 day qpf 11-11-2015