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Self-study course on animal agriculture and climate change available

The online course on animal agriculture and climate change that was produced by one of our supporting grants is now available for free as a self-study course at the link below:

You can learn more about the course at


Each module can be taken individually.  The list of topics covered is below.

WEATHER TRENDS: What is climate and what is weather? How do we get data relevant to our local area?

IMPACTS:  How does the weather affect animal agriculture? Are we seeing new challenges we haven’t experienced before?

ADAPTATION:  How can we reduce risks, plan for changes, and make the best investments?

CLIMATE SCIENCE: What is the science behind climate and weather?

GREENHOUSE GAS (GHG) SOURCES: Is animal agriculture a big contributor of Greenhouse Gases? If so, what farming functions create the most emissions?

MITIGATION OF GHGS: Can farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

REGULATIONS: Are regulations of GHGs likely? Is there a market approach where farmers could make improvements and reduce costs?

COMMUNICATING SCIENCE: How can we communicate this complex issue to farmers and media outlets so we can move from debate to meaningful discussions?

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