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Hurricane Patricia news stories

With the landfall of record-setting Hurricane Patricia on the coast of Mexico, news agencies have been abuzz with stories about the storm and its aftermath.  Fortunately, the storm came ashore on a relatively sparsely populated part of the coast away from major tourist cities, and since it was small in diameter most of the populated areas were spared significant damage.  We are still waiting to hear about the extent of agricultural damage from winds and storm surge in the area, but here are some of the stories about the storm that I found most interesting:

Hurricane Patricia Slams into Mexico–Matt Daniel, EarthSky

Why did Hurricane Patricia Become a Monster so Quickly?–Seth Borenstein, AP, Yahoo News

Coverage of Patricia was not Overblown, Likely Life-saving–Marshall Shepherd, Forbes magazine

Why Hurricane Patricia Didn’t Cause Epic DamageTime magazine

Patricia’s Remnants to Fuel Dangerous Rains in Texas–Jeff Masters, Weather Underground

patricia 10-23-2015