Meteorologists have been watching the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina for the possible development of Ana, the first named storm of the 2015 tropical season.  While the hurricane hunters have not found the closed low they look for when making an official declaration, the National Hurricane Center puts the chance of development at 80 percent in the next 48 hours.

According to the wind patterns at, the circulation around the surface area of lower pressure looks fairly distinct, although keep in mind that it is based mainly on model results since there are limited direct observations in the area.  The radar shows rain moving from east to west across the border between South Carolina and Georgia, bringing wet conditions to coastal areas of the states.

If and when Ana develops, it is expected to bring wet conditions to Atlantic coastal areas over the next few days.  The most likely path is towards the north where it could make landfall and cross parts of North or South Carolina.  High winds and storm surge are not expected to be major problems in this minor storm, although there could be high waves and beach erosion along with the rain along the coast.  If you have interests there, you will want to keep track of the conditions there and watch for forecast updates.

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