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California drought has had limited impact on farmers in other regions

Harvest Public Media posted a story online today about the “elusive” impacts that the California drought has had on Midwestern farmers.  According to the story, so far benefits to the Midwestern farmers have been limited in spite of the four year drought in California because the CA farmers are mining ground water to keep their operations running.  The Midwestern farmers also often don’t have the proper equipment or processing facilities to maximize their production of vegetables.  However, the story noted that the Midwest does have the capability to improve their production of dairy by growing alfalfa, which is a high-water-use crop more suited to the Midwest than a dry California.  You can read the story at

Modern Farmer also had a story lately about water use on various crops in California.  Based on the value of individual crops and the availability of water, some crops are likely to have staying power in California while others are more likely to move to other areas with more readily available water.  The story is here.

Finally, NPR’s Marketplace had a story on the increased interest in Georgia pecans due to the drought in California.  You can listen to the podcast at (the pecan story starts at 3:44).

Source: USDA/Modern Farmer

Source: USDA/Modern Farmer