The CoCoRaHS volunteer network of precipitation observers around the US is having a state by state competition to see who can recruit the most new volunteers this month.  “CoCoRaHS” stands for Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow network and was started in 1997 in Colorado after a big local flood devastated the Colorado State University’s Atmospheric Sciences Department.

CoCoRaHS now covers all 50 states plus some locations in Canada and Puerto Rico.  In Georgia alone, there are over 200 active observers who report rainfall on a daily basis.  You can see a map of the Georgia stations below.  Because Georgia is such a big state, there are many areas that are not adequately covered by either CoCoRaHS or other rainfall reporting networks like the National Weather Service, the Georgia Forestry Commission, and the University of Georgia Weather Network.  If you are in another state, they also need volunteers.  You can find a map showing your state’s stations on the CoCoRaHS website (

cocorahs stations   cocorahs_logo

If you are interested in joining CoCoRaHS as a volunteer, this is the month to sign up!  It only takes five minutes a day to participate, and your data are used by meteorologists, emergency managers and other citizens across the country. You can find more information at, including links to training materials, where to purchase your CoCoRaHS gauge, and other information such as presentations on climate for master gardeners.  Or feel free to contact me at 706-310-3467 or, since I am a regional coordinator for CoCoRaHS in Georgia.