As a former State Climatologist of Wisconsin and assistant SC of Georgia, I am very proud of all our state climatologists around the country and the work that they do to monitor historical climate and educate their citizens about weather and climate variability at all time scales.

NOAA has just produced an excellent video which shows the work that one state climatologist has done in his state, Colorado, to assist everyone from businesses to farmers to school children in obtaining and understanding climate information.  Nolan Doesken is the SC of Colorado and the founder of the CoCoRaHS volunteer precipitation observing network, which I have discussed here previously (disclaimer–I am a regional coordinator for CoCoRaHS here in Georgia).  You can view the video by going to and looking for “The State Climatologist: Honest Broker of Information” on the lower left.

If you don’t know your state climatologist and all that they have to offer, you can find yours at  Take advantage of the expertise they have!  They are an incredibly helpful group of people and are eager to get you the information you need.

nolan video