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Wheat and climate in the news

An article by from scientists from the Southeast Climate Consortium (which helps support this blog) in Nature shows that rising temperatures around the globe have warming are “already slowing yield gains at a majority of wheat-growing locations. Global wheat production is estimated to fall by 6% for each °C of further temperature increase and become more variable over space and time”.  Here is the link to the abstract (the full article is behind a paywall, sorry).  A story on this Nature article can be found from here.

A blog posting from Growing Georgia described the work of some Kansas State University researchers, which have developed a heat-tolerant wheat gene which may improve wheat yields by up to 35%in a warmer climate.  Here is the link to that story.

An article in the University of Arkansas NewsWire discusses why farmers will not consider switching from conventional to organic production of wheat even when profitability is not an issue.

Source: USDA ARS

Source: USDA ARS