Winston Eason of Clayton County wrote me this morning asking about finding maps for average chill hours for a class he is teaching on backyard fruit trees and orchards.  So far I have not been successful in finding a Georgia-specific map on average chill hours, but I did run across several other sources of information that you might find useful.

Source: Midwestern Climate Center
   Source: Midwestern Climate Center

chilling-hours from TX pub

The second map above is from

To get current chill hours, there are a variety of sources you can use.

The Georgia Weather Network has a tabulation of stations with current accumulations since October 1 at

The MidwesternRegional Climate Center has a current map similar to the average map posted above at  This map shows that most of Georgia is near normal for this winter.

AgroClimate has a chill hour calculator at which allows you to choose the chill hour model and the time period of interest.

I also ran across another source of good general climate information on a variety of topics at

If you have a good map of average chill hours for Georgia or the Southeast, please let me know so I can pass it on.