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Hourly graphical forecast from NWS

If you are looking for a point-specific hourly weather forecast for applications like spraying, you might be interested in this product from the National Weather Service.  It is a graphical hour-by-hour forecast for your location (by lat/long) that is available online.  For most of Georgia you can go to and either enter your lat/long or click on the map at your location.  If you are not in that area, then use your lat/long to pick your spot.  Once your location is chosen, look on the lower right of the web page to get the hourly graph of the forecast for that point.  It should look something like the graphic below, but for your location and date.  You can look up to six days ahead, although of course the farther ahead you look, the lower the accuracy of the forecast.

You can look up your lat/long by inputting your address at

Source: National Weather Service

Source: National Weather Service

2 thoughts on “Hourly graphical forecast from NWS

  1. Do Intellicast and Weather Underground also use the same data? They just launched an hourly graphical forecast feature, too.

    • There are several sources of hourly weather data available, so it would not surprise me if all the major forecasting firms, including Accuweather, Intellicast, and The Weather Channel, as well as Weather Underground (which is owned by TWC) have similar products. I believe some of the private firms use their own proprietary forecast software so I would expect some differences from the NWS forecasts, but they are all based on the same observations and computer models and just differ in how they interpret that information. There are also some agriculture-specific firms that provide value-added information with more detail for agricultural producers as well.