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Cotton: I saw some areolate mildew in cotton at 5th week of bloom yesterday in Bulloch County (Figure 1). The best management of areolate mildew is with judicious and timely fungicide applications. Cotton can be effected by areolate mildew until within four weeks of defoliation. When defoliation reaches 25% or so – the chances of slowing it down with a fungicide decreases.

Figure 1

Click HERE to view results of Areolate Mildew Trials that were researched at Cromley Farms in 2021 and Brannen Family Farms in 2022.

Peanuts: White mold, white mold and more white mold. I have seen white mold showing up in peanut fields with a vengeance in Bulloch County within the last week or so. Make sure you are staying on schedule with your peanut fungicide program. The wet weather combined with hot and humid conditions is an excellent recipe for white mold and leaf spot. Also, the warm nighttime temperatures (above 75°F) is adding fuel to the fire. Be sure to stay on a good fungicide program, tightening spray intervals where disease is becoming problematic and/or where there is concern.

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