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Cotton Insect Update

Cotton Insects (Phillip Roberts) The question has been asked if we should manage insects differently in late planted cotton. The answer is no, however we cannot afford to make any mistakes as mistakes will be costly. A late planted crop will have limited time to effectively bloom and set harvestable…
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Last Frost?

Last Frost? By: Andrew Sawyer Wilcox County ANR Agent Mar 23, 2018   This picture is actually from March 15th frost, but we had a little bit of a frost this morning too. With Easter just a week away, this maybe the last one. March 15th frost If anything this…
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A New Tool For Improving Thrips Management in Cotton

A New Tool For Improving Thrips Management in Cotton By Phillip Roberts on Mar 21, 2018  Thrips are the most consistent insect pest of cotton in Georgia and the Southeast.  Near 100 percent of the cotton planted will be infested by thrips each year.  For this reason preventive insecticides applied…
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