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Drought Changes Management for Bermuda grass stem maggot.

Drought changes management strategy for Bermuda grass stem maggot – Clint Thompson Drought-like conditions this summer are forcing Georgia forage farmers to delay treatments for Bermuda grass stem maggot, according to Lisa Baxter, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension forage specialist. It is normally recommended that farmers wait seven to 10…
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Silverleaf Whitefly in Cotton Update

Silverleaf Whitefly in Cotton Update Roberts Silverleaf whitefly (SLWF) adults have been observed in low numbers in cotton in some areas during the past week to ten days. To date very few immature whiteflies have been observed in cotton. We are not aware of any field which has exceeded threshold…
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Row Crop Disease Update – White Mold in Peanuts

By: Dr. Bob Kemerait Here are some comments:   ¬†Finding white mold in a field in August is not necessarily a “BAD” thing for me.¬† It demonstrates that A) SOMEONE cares enough to look, and B) SOMEONE knows what white mold looks like. White mold is likely to be found…
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