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Volunteer Peanut Control in Field Corn (Prostko)

Been getting a few calls about controlling volunteer peanuts in field corn.  Remember that the volunteer peanuts that emerge from seeds that made it thru the winter and rains are some super tough plants.  A couple of thoughts:

Roundup Ready Corn:  Split applications of glyphosate at least 10 days apart.  Glyphosate can be applied over-the-top of field corn up to V8 stage or 30″ whichever comes first.  Drop nozzles or lay-by applicator should be used when corn is 30″ to 48″ tall.

Liberty-Link Corn: Split applications of Liberty (glufosinate) at least 7 days apart.  Liberty can be applied over-the-top up to V6 stage of growth.  For corn 24″ to 36″ tall, apply with drop nozzles or lay-by rig.

Conventional Corn:  Split applications of dicamba @ 0.25 lb ae/A applied EPOST (8″ tall corn) + lay-by (up to 36″ tall corn).  These dicamba applications must be separated by at least 14 days.   An alternative treatment would be dicamba (EPOST) followed by Evik (lay-by).

**Atrazine can also be included in any of these EPOST applications as long as corn is < 12″ tall.

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