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3 Common Questions

By Will Gay Turner County Ag Agent

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  1. What is the mixing order for different formulations?

Answer: From first to last: Wettable Powders—Dispersible Granules—Flowables—Emulsifiable Concentrates—Solutions.

If you do not know what these formulations mean, I would encourage you to look them up, especially newer growers. If you understand these formulations, you will be able to make better decisions with tank mixing and ensuring that you get the most out of a product.

2. Can I use liquid valor (flumioxazin)?

Answer: UGA has limited data on liquid valor formulations and there are no recommendations at the moment due to insufficient data. If you are using these formulations, I do know that liquid flumioxazin should be tank mixed first and then add the mixing partner such as glyphosate or paraquat. If liquid flumioxazin is added to the tankAggressive tank-agitation will still be very important when using liquid formulations of flumioxazin.

3. Is it best to wait for the dew to dry before applying an herbicide?

Answer: According to Dr. Eric Prostko, leaf moisture that results in cuticle hydration, can increase herbicide absorption into the plant. He has not seen reduced control because of dew, and most of his herbicide applications are made between 6-9 in the morning. I would not be very concerned about herbicide applications with dew on the leaf unless the dew is just absolutely pouring off (which would not last long anyways). To see the full article written by Dr. Prostko, view the following link: https://www.southeastfarmpress.com/herbicide/does-dew-affect-herbicide-performance-facts-matter

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