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Where is all that beef semen going?

Pedro Fontes, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist – There has been a remarkable increase in beef semen sales over the last few years. While artificial insemination (AI) is a powerful tool that has really helped the beef industry make genetic progress, thisincrease in beef semen sales not necessarily…
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Consequences of Long-term Commitment to Estrus Synchronization

Pedro Fontes, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist – We now know that a variety of factors such as nutrition, semen quality, AI technician, and vaccinations (to name a few) can influence the success of an AI program. In this article, Dr. Pedro Fontes discusses how long-term commitment to…
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Free Online Tool to Help Producers Incorporate Artificial Insemination in Beef Herds

Dr. Pedro Fontes – Reproductive Physiologist Several different protocols are currently available to synchronize beef females and producers are often overwhelmed with the complicated terminology and large numbers of protocols. To overcome the challenges associated with the selection of an estrus synchronization protocol, Extension personnel across the U.S. developed different…
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