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Weekly County Update 10/8/21

I’ll be in Perry several days over the next two weeks for the Georgia National Fair Livestock Shows. Most of you know this but for those who don’t, I am in charge of the 4-H Livestock Programs for Tift County and the Fair is one of our largest livestock shows in the State. The other is in February but usually, there isn’t much going on in February. I’ll have my phone with me so you can call me if you need me.

Cotton: I’ve looked at lots of cotton over the past several days and a good portion of it is getting ready. After this little bit of rain moves out hopefully we can get some leaves knocked off. I have a feeling that juvenile growth and regrowth are going to be a pain in our sides this year. I would up your GPA to 20gals and stay on the higher side of the rates for Dropp and Ginstar, whichever you use.

Peanuts: Grades are looking really good, especially on 18RUs. Yields are coming in slowly but field estimates are looking good too. Most peanuts are still holding right at 140-143 days with 12Ys pushing up to 150.