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Weekly County Update 10/22/21

It has been a busy couple of weeks. First the fair, then Expo, now we have the Tift County Fall Livestock Show this weekend. I think I’m going to go on vacation for the entire month of October next year, who is with me? Here’s where we are at.

Peanuts: Looking pretty good so far. Most seem to be about halfway done. Yields have continued to look good across the county. There seem to be some variety differences but overall they are looking strong. Grades are holding as well. 18RUs have yielded well and graded really well (79-81 range). 12Ys have yielded really well and graded ok (middle to upper 70s). 06Gs have been middle of the road on yield and grade. 16HOs seem to be hit or miss. The most important thing is that there have been no knife fights over wagons/trailers that I’m aware of.

Cotton: Leaves are coming off and the gins are humming. I’ve been anxious to see what this cotton crop is going to do and it looks like we’re about to find out. I still think it’s going to surprise us. It’s hard to look too far ahead but Dec 22 cotton is at $.91 which is about $.20 above where it was at this time last year. Will it rally $.30 like it did this year? I have no idea but if the current price holds I would imagine acres will increase next year. If so then we will need good export market to keep the prices up. Its something to think about.

Livestock Show and Pig Sale: The Tift County Fall Livestock Show is this coming Saturday (23rd) at the livestock barn behind the Extension Office. If you’re caught up or have time and would like to come out, I know the kids would appreciate it and would love to show off their animals. If you would like to buy some pork for the freezer, we will be selling about 30 hogs next Tuesday night (26th). I know the kids would really appreciate that and we’ll even feed you supper.