After getting some rain and cooling off, defoliation just became a hair more difficult, and maybe more expensive. Here is what UGA Extension Cotton Agronomist, Camp Hand, recommends for growers at this time.

With lows below 65 for the foreseeable future, thidiazuron should not be in any defoliation tank-mix for the next couple of weeks. This is our chemistry that provides a good kill in the top of the plant at relatively low rates, and allows us to use lower rates of other defoliants for knocking off old leaves. Thus, since it is being removed from the tank-mixture, we need to up our rate of Folex/PPO chemistries to knock off old leaves as well as get a good kill in the top of the plant.

Ginstar/Cutout/Adios/etc. is also a good option for cooler weather. This is the diuron + thidiazuron premix. Same rules apply, lower temperatures mean higher rates.

Rates for the week:

Folex (12-16 oz/acre) + Prep (42 oz/acre)

  • PPO inhibitors can be substituted for Folex, but use higher rates. Read label with respect to recommended adjuvants based on temperature.

Ginstar (6-8 oz/acre) + Prep (42 oz/acre)

Inevitably, the time has come for the question, “Is this cotton crop done??” In the southern part of the state maybe not, but in middle Georgia I hear a fat lady! Great recommendations from Camp, the last part was all me. As always, there are unique situations that will require different mixes and all that fun stuff. If there are questions, let me know.

Since it will be too wet to do anything for a few days take a second and take a deer damage survey. It is being brought to the attention of the legislature that deer damage to crops is getting out of hand. this survey may the first step to a solution.

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