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Macon County Cooperative Extension

The Macon County Cooperative Extension Office is looking for a new Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent.  Many of you know that Erin (Churchill) Forte got married this summer and left us so we are looking for someone to fill that position.  She followed her new husband to upstate New York, which is where he was sent after finishing up at Fort Benning.  In case you were wondering, Erin is working as an Agricultural Educator with Cornell Extension.

Obviously Macon County is a diverse agricultural community, with plenty of livestock, dairy and poultry.  A huge agronomic crops farm base as well as fruits, nuts and vegetables.  This would be a great place for an experienced Agent or agricultural industry leader to set up shop, or it would be a tremendous opportunity for a new Agent to get a start and build an exceptional career.  If you have questions about the position you can inquire at the Extension Office 478-472-7588 or email me at

You can check on this and other jobs with the University at UGA Jobs or go straight to the Macon County Extension Position.  The process is completely online so contact us if you need assistance or have quesitons.

Working for Cooperative Extension is a rewarding job allowing us to bring the wealth of knowledge found at UGA to the citizens of communities across the state.